Keeping you up to date with the latest business news

As we enter the tenth week of lockdown we are working to keep our Business First readers updated with the latest legal news and advise during the virus crisis. This update provides information for businesses and additionally, issues you may face as a business or as an individual.

In the May update we start by looking at issues that will have to be addressed when preparing for a return to the office, you will find a timely reminder to ensure that during the Coronavisurs crisis all your business related personal data remains safe and information regarding concessions for company reporting requirements during lockdown. In other news we look at the recent contract changes for employers and how landlords must comply with energy standards. In addition, we offer advice for both employers and employees on writing a Will and provide and a toolkit to help families during lockdown difficulties.

Finally, we are regulary updating this page – so, keep a look out for further updates. STAY SAFE.

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