Business First

Autumn 2020 Edition – Out Now

Welcome to the new normal online edition. In this packed Business First we take a grounded approach to exploring how you can take on a future not only reshaped by pandemic – but the added turbulence of shortly leaving the EU for real.

Good communication has been critical for businesses determined to win through the recent huge challenges, despite what may have looked like tough odds. So articles on rebuilding trust and making the most of social media explore reinforcing the relationships on which all successful business depends. 

We also include pieces on the practical side of running a Covid-era business. We investigate how (and whether) to invest in a home office to make WFH work for you. How to manage a safe return to the workplace.

We look, too, at how landlords can best navigate a rental market turned on its head – as well as how tenants can approach exiting an agreement sooner than they might have imagined.

BFSS2019 Issue 35

Along with tips on checking if your contracts are ‘new normal-ready’ and how to sell on your business in times of uncertainty, we also offer thoughts on two important current social themes: responding to the Black Lives Matter movement and how to manage the scourge of online trolls. 

Finally, we’ve included a timely reminder (how could you possibly forget?) to cover all possible Brexit bases as January 2021 approaches. You know it makes sense.